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Jesse Deledda 

Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar

After graduating from 'Music Education' at the Conservatory of Maastricht, Jesse is currently doing a Master study at the ArtEZ Pop Academy in Enschede.

Besides singing and bass guitar, Jesse also plays the guitar, piano, drums and banjo.

He loves everything that is vintage, Occasionally designs, paints and crafts art, shoes or stuff for the band. (He's also the one who made the television-logo-thingy you can see on stage.)

Whenever he's not performing with Stompin' Grounds, you can find him teaching piano and guitar, performing with his Americana Duo 'Barn & Belle' or watching 'Rick and Morty'.


On stage, Jesse is the one wearing the suit, bowtie and brightly colored shoes



Daan van de Ven

Drums & Backing Vocals


Daan is currently studying Drums at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, where he also lives.

Daan has a unique way of drumming. He mixes his favorite genres, such as blues, rock, pop, and afro beat, into his way of playing, which makes him a one-of-a-kind drummer.

Besides mastering the drums in Stompin' Grounds (and trying his best at singing the backing vocals), he also plays in a duo called 'Drum & Beeker'. This duo takes you back to the roots of the blues mixed with a dialect of the dutch language.

Whenever he isn't playing with Stompin' Grounds, you can find him showing of his dance moves on a night out or visiting a concert.

On stage, Daan is the pretty one (I mean, look at those curls!), not wearing his shoes.

Florian Verhagen

Guitar & Backing Vocals

Florian is currently doing a music study at Arcus College Heerlen.

His biggest ambition after graduating is to go to the Conservatory of Rotterdam to develop his musical skills even further.

Besides being the best guitarist in Stompin' Grounds, Florian also plays bass guitar, piano, drums and works as a producer.

When it comes to music genres, he doesn't have a preference. He is almost always doing something music related, whether it's composing, playing or editing his videos.

Besides that, he really loves watching sci-fi movies and eating potato chips.

Whenever he isn't performing with Stompin' Grounds you can find him on his personal instagrampage posting his original musicperforming with his acoustic duo 'Nowadays' or justing hanging out at home playing guitar


On stage, Florian is the pretty one (he thinks, don't tell Daan!) with the suspenders, gypsy pants  and all those pretty guitars he loves so much!

Stompin' Gear

Coming soon.

Biography (EN)

Stompin’ Grounds is a dutch Gypsy Blues band.

They Combine the heavy sound and shredding guitars of Bluesrock with the virtuosity and swinging grooves of the Gypsy-Swing in their music. This combination results in lots of energy bursting from the stage and forcing the audience to start dancing whenever these gentlemen take the stage. So, put on your dancin’ shoes and shake it!

Stompin’ Grounds was founded in September 2016 and within 1 year these three gentlemen created a strong and steady liveset with swinging songs somewhere on the crossroads of Bluesrock and Gypsy Swing.

In Januari 2018 Stompin’ Grounds released their debut EP containing 6 of their Gypsy Blues songs.

This Ep was released on CD and Vinyl and was funded with the help of a crowdfunding.

That same year they’ve won the ‘Misty Fields Festival’ bandcontest and were selected for the ‘Nu of Nooit’ music competition. Their song ‘Hunchback Blues’ won ‘Song of the evening’ in this contest.

After taking part in the BRUL-contest they played on dutch blues-festivals like ‘Southern Bluesnight’ and the 35th edition of ‘Bluesrock Festival Tegelen’.

That same year Stompin'Grounds played the after show of Candy Dulfer and surprised everyone when they got Candy herself to join them on stage.


In May 2019 they released their newest single "Good Times". That even got a spot on the Limburg rocks Top 10! 

more singles will follow in 2019! 


Stompin’ Grounds is:

Daan van de Ven (Drums, Backing Vocals)

Florian Verhagen (Guitars, Backing Vocals)

Jesse Deledda (Bass, Lead Vocals)

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