The story behind the Jamsession with Candy Dulfer!


Last friday night (30-11-2018) We had the honor to play the Aftershow for the sold out show of the world famous Saxophonist Candy Dulfer, in Grenswerk, Venlo.  

Which is - let's be honest -  already very cool.

But this gig would become a whole lot cooler than we thought!

Because what we didn't know when we started this show, was that we would be ending it by Jamming together with Candy! 


So how did this happen?

Well, it all started almost a month ago.

We just got booked to play Candy's aftershow, and Florian made a small cover of one of Candy's songs.               

Candy Replied; "Ha!! Cool Cover!" and they talked a little bit about the show at Grenswerk.

                                               Check out Florian's Cover here ->


Then on the morning of the gig we posted some reminders about the show in our Instagram-story, also tagging Candy in the text.

Not much later Candy Replied to our insta-story,

saying she would try to attend our show.

Candy's sold out show was done around 11pm so 2 minutes later we started our gig in Cafe Grenswerk. We must have been playing for at least 45minutes, when Candy entered the cafe.

We only had 2 songs left and our gig would be done. But when we told the audience we had no more songs left to play, they kept calling for an encore, So we kindly asked Candy to join us on stage for a little jamsession. and she said; 'Yes!'  

So While Jesse also kindly urged his family to record what was about to happen, Candy went backstage to get her Saxophone and Swing out on stage with Stompin' Grounds!

Check out the Jamsession With Candy right here->

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